Check out the testimonials below from some of our satisfied participants!

Alex is great!! The Workouts are awesome!! I needed something to push me and ETS was it! After every work out you feel like you have actually accomplished something. It’s hard and intense but you can work at your own level. Absolutely awesome if you want to ramp up your exercise or just want to start! Perfect for shedding pounds and gaining muscle! In the RIGHT places! 🙂 Can’t wait for my next session!

Carissa, Abbotsford, BC

I became disillusioned and bored with the gym earlier this year, and stopped going. After months of inactivity, a friend suggested ETS Bootcamp. I enlisted my sister and nieces to go with me, and found that exercise can be fun (even though there were times we wanted to throw things at Alex)! Although incredibly intense, Alex is a great motivator who encourages you when you think you can’t possibly continue. After every session, we all said how glad we were that we came, and what a great workout it was. It’s like having your own personal trainer for an hour twice a week (for a great price!)- but with the camaraderie of others along with you. Looking forward to the next Bootcamp!

Marlene Kammenos

ETS Bootcamp compares to no other. Since starting Alex’s classes in November, I have seen great results in my fitness level as well as inches on my body. This has definitely got me in shape for soccer as well as my wedding. I must say I am addicted to Alex’s Bootcamp classes.

Tina Fuller, Abbotsford, BC

Alex has really helped me step up my fitness endurance! He’s such a great motivator and really knows how to push you out of your comfort zone!! I want to thank Alex for making me do things I never thought I could do and making me addicted forever!!!

Karlene Ross

I have been enjoying Alex’s training skills for a few years. He is an excellent trainer, motivator, and overall athlete. He has helped me in improving my overall strength and cardio fitness. I highly recommend his bootcamp classes, they are very challenging, but he makes them fun at the same time.

Kim Dodd

After years of being active, I switched careers and staying in shape became more of a challenge. When I heard of ETS Bootcamp, it seemed like a great way to stay with a consistent workout. No matter what shape you are in Alex will find ways to push you to achieve yours goals. It is a fantastic way to not only tone up, lose weight, but also increase your cardiovascular health. I would recommend ETS Bootcamp for anyone who is committed and motivated to improve their fitness. You will not be disappointed!

Alyssa Wiens, Abbotsford, BC

I just completed my first bootcamp series in a very long time and have to say I loved it! The combination of activities and the new challenges were great, and I can’t wait to start the next series!

Tami Best, Abbotsford, BC

ETS has been a great help in battling my post baby weight loss. Helps to push me to levels I would never reach on my own. Alex pushes you and reminds you to adjust your posture/movements to ensure you are getting the most of your workout. Thanks!

Shannon Sharp, Abbotsford, BC

I drive all the way from Coquitlam for this class so that must say something about how good it is! Always something new and different. If you want to lose weight and have fun this class is the answer!

Jenna McRae, Coquitlam, BC

Alex provided unparalleled training when I played national level junior tennis. I have since attended his bootcamps where I have been continually impressed by his knowledge and thoughtful approach to each session. Alex inspires students through his contagious enthusiasm and his incredible personal fitness. He motivates students by treating them like athletes and pushing them to their personal limit…every time! Working out with Alex is never easy, but ALWAYS rewarding.

Danielle Murray

ETS Fitness was a great way for me to get back into shape after the holidays. It’s great being motivated by Alex and the other people in the class and makes the workout much easier.

Erin Coghlan

The Bootcamp classes have done wonders for my cardio and endurance. It’s something I would never have the discipline to do on my own.

Tori Dalair
I like the intensity level. It makes me push myself to the limit. Great classes.
Janelle Martens
ETS has definitely improved my overall fitness level. I really enjoy the Bootcamp and look forward to coming. It’s a great way to stay in shape.
Phyllis Collins
With the help of Alex and a nutritionist this is the healthiest I have been in a very long time and I’m losing inches which I haven’t been able to do in a while.
Rachel Avey
Excellent Bootcamp. Really pushed me to my capacity. Real butt kicking but I enjoyed every minute of it.
Dallas Martin

After three years of no exercise and poor diet I knew it was time to get serious about my health. I was not sure where to start. I was told about Alex and his bootcamp so I took the first step. With Alex’s knowledge and guidance, I grew more confident each class. It was a perfect kick start and now continues to be the perfect accountability each class.

Thanks Alex!

Marcus Ortner, Abbotsford, BC

His creativity makes training fun, his diversity makes training challenging, his knowledge makes training educational, his enthusiasm makes training motivating and his skill pushes your training to the next level.

The time and effort Alex commits in creating programs specific to each individual is remarkable. I started my program as an active woman – I see myself now as an athlete.

Celeste Elash, Chilliwack, BC